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ANTI-BIG Face Mask 26ml*5EA (ANTI-B.I.G Face Mask 26ml*5EA )

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【Glamfox Anti-B.I.G. Face Mask】 (5 pcs) 

The tightening plus the function of anti-wrinkle mask is perfect for slimming your face with sculpturing face line and enhancing skin elasticity. The cream is loaded with 2 effective ingredients Coaxel PH and SNAP-8.
The French-investigated Coaxel PH is invented by world-famous ingredient manufacturer Sederma, which is famously known for shaping lines.
SNAP-8 is composed of 8 ingredients including the skin health benefiting amino acids. The Spanish ingredient delivers paramount amount of protein to enhance your skin elasticity.

how to use

Leave it for 10-20 minutes then massage the remaining essence until it is absorbed.

  • 26ml*5EA
  • Маска
  • Для Всех Типов
  • 25+
  • Лифтинг, Увлажнение, Успокаивающий эффект
  • Коаксель

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